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Royal Icing Premix - A Royal Mix by More Than Cake

Royal Icing Premix - A Royal Mix by More Than Cake

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Created by More Than Cake and endorsed by Kathleen Lange, A Royal Mix multipurpose premix makes the strongest, smoothest royal icing ever! With the addition of high quality 10x confectioners sugar, this 9.2 oz. bag of premix makes a total 8 pounds of royal icing but you can make as little or as much as you need at a time just scale the recipe below for your needs.
Most complete dry royal icing mixes cost $7-$8 per pound of royal icing whereas the cost per pound for icing made with A Royal Mix is less than $5 including the addition of confectioner's sugar!
Basic Recipe for 1/2 pound (8oz) of royal icing:
  • 2 TBS + 1 tsp of A Royal Mix
  • 2 cups 10x pure cane confectioners sugar
  • 3 TBS warm water (adjust for desired use, see below)
Place A Royal Mix and confectioners sugar in a grease-free bowl and mix. Add water and mix with paddle on med/low speed for 7 minutes until peaks form. Keep covered with a damp cloth.
For flooding cookies, add 1/2 tsp of edible glycerin to above recipe after icing forms peaks. Add warm water to thin. Use a scriber needle to remove air bubbles once applied to cookie surfaces.


  • Before each use, shake bag thoroughly to ensure even distribution of ingredients.
  • Coloring: Use FDA approved petal dusts or other powdered food colors for piping icing. For flooding icing, use dusts/powders or super concentrated gel colors that do not change color such as Artisan Accents Gel Colors. Never use oil-based colors.
  • Storing mixed icing: Place in a grease-free container, cover icing surface with plastic wrap (remove all air), seal container. Will safely keep for one week.
  • Flavoring: Use FDA approved water-based or powdered flavorings - we recommend all Perfect Palate flavors except for Natural Lemon Tree (contains oil) or Apple Cinnamon (has a gritty texture that is too rough for royal icing). Do not use oil-based flavorings.
  • Storing premix: Keep in the original bag, sealed tightly, in a dry space at room temperature. Shelf life is 2 years (see Best By date on your package).


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