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Bottles - Dropper, Spray, Needle Tip, Brush

Bottles - Dropper, Spray, Needle Tip, Brush

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Precise drop tip squeeze bottles Use to dispense food-grade alcohol or extracts to mix with dust colors or luster dusts for painting or for  mixing gel colors for airbrushing with water or Dilution Solution, or premixing custom gel colors for use in buttercream or royal icing. BPA-free food/pharmaceutical grade LDPE with screw-on cap  and removable dropper tip.

Needle tip bottles Use for detail work when using luster dust+alcohol or super thin royal icing. BPA-free food/pharmaceutical grade LDPE.

Glass 20ml bottle with child-proof glass dropper cap Use for securely storing and using food-grade alcohol and alcohol-based extracts.

Glass dropper  Use for easy and precise delivery of color mixes to airbrush cup.

Brush bottle (glass, 15ml) for water Use when attaching fondant or gumpaste elements with water. It is hard to tip over and if it does, it will not spill! Want more control over the brush or a smaller brush size? Just trim the bristles with sharp scissors to the length/shape you want. You can remove entire bristles for a thinner brush.

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