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Platinum Paste™ Antique White

Platinum Paste™ Antique White

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Created in 1994 by Sugarcity UK, the original Platinum Paste™ flower paste has become the award-winning choice for creating fabulously life-like gumpaste flowers, leaves, and other delicate sugar art design elements. This is the best gumpaste for use in humid conditions and it is vegan (NO EGG WHITE). Made in England.

  • Platinum Paste™ is a specially formulated gumpaste that is slow-drying, allowing  you to roll it thinner than paper with a longer work time.
  • Platinum Paste™ Antique White contains no whitening ingredients so it is nearly translucent when rolled very thin .
  • Coloring: Platinum Paste™ may be precolored with small amounts of high quality petal dust - do not use gel or paste colors as this will make it too sticky to use properly.
  • Platinum Paste™ may be frozen for up to a year when wrapped airtight in small amounts. Instructions and storage tips are included with every purchase.
PROTIP: For white flowers, add a small bit of white petal dust to the paste and knead in. Overdust finished petals with white petal dust as desired. 

professional sugarcraft gumpaste  flower paste gum paste flowers & leaves - Diamond Paste and Mouprold Company Ltd Sugarcity UK 

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professional sugarcraft gumpaste flowers & leaves - Diamond Paste and Mould Company Ltd Sugarcity UK

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