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Confectionary glaze: Sweet Lola Ultra Gloss Glaze

Confectionary glaze: Sweet Lola Ultra Gloss Glaze

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This highest quality 100% edible confectionary/candy glaze not only provides the level of crystal clear ultra gloss you want but also color & humidity protection! 

Use Sweet Lola Ultra Gloss Glaze on fondant, gumpaste, isomalt, chocolate, candy melts, modeling chocolate, boiled sugar, Flexique, edible transfer sheets, wafer paper, and crusted buttercream - use on finished items dusted with colors or lusters, airbrushed, or painted with Poppy Paint! For figure modelling, this glaze just can not be beat for a super high gloss finish on eyes, lips, hair and clothing

Unlike homemade glazes, it is not sticky when dry - it is an actual candy coating formulation that gives you a super glossy finish! Even though it has a pale gold hue as a liquid, it will not yellow or discolor white and light colors and it gives other colors and your texture visual depth! Fully edible when dry.


Simply dispense glaze onto a non-shedding synthetic bristle brush or directly onto surface and spread with brush. Allow to dry before touching surface or adding additional coats.

 Mix a few drops with luster dust mixed with food-grade alcohol (high proof is best) for a high shine, no-smudge paint.


 2.2 ounce bottle - 100% FDA approved ingredients: Lac resin (shellac), ethanol. Made in the USA.




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