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Marvelous Molds Simpress Cake Panel Maker

Marvelous Molds Simpress Cake Panel Maker

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Simpress™ Cake Panel Makers, Chef Dominic's latest innovation, allows you to turn a basic crumb-coated cake into a marvelously textured, gorgeous work of art in minutes that looks like you spent hours making. Plus they work for both regular height and tall tiers!
Simply press high-quality fondant stiffened with tylose or CMC into your Simpress™ Cake Panel Maker, clean up along the self-trimming edge with a fondant smoother as shown in the video tutorials below, and apply to your crumb-coated cake. Repeat until all sides are complete. For the top, you can cover with buttercream or a circle of fondant cut to fit and attached prior to applying the panels to the sides. You can also use your Simpress™ Cake Panel Maker to make lovely cupcake toppers by cutting out the desired element with a round cutter that matches your cupcake size. 
For Chef Dominic's detailed tutorials on using the Simpress™ Cake Panel Makers, click on the links below:

Simpress™ Cake Panel Makers on Tall Cakes Tutorial

Basic Simpress™ Cake Panel Maker Tutorial #1

Basic Simpress™ Cake Panel Makers Tutorial #2

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