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Brush - Synthetic sable

Brush - Synthetic sable

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Ultra-ultra fine brushes made with synthetic filaments. These brushes perform with the same spring, snap, and coverage of sable brushes without shedding or worries about animal hair allergies. Unlike animal hair brushes, these are more durable as they are less prone to filament damage and breakage. They are much easier to keep clean than animal hair brushes because synthetic filaments do not have the animal hair scale structures that trap color. May be used with all color types including gels, liquids, and dusts.

  • Super Fine Point: For superfine dot, dash, and ultrafine shapes and fill detailing
  • Script: For very fine hand lettering and longer curvy lines such as scrolls
  • Liner: For straight and short curve lines
  • Shader: For superfine, small area shading and blending when using dusting colors
  • Filbert & Fan: For painting larger areas

Sizing help:

The more zeros, the more ultrafine - Example: 18x0 is smaller/finer than 10x0


1, 2, 3+ larger bristle head size as the # increases

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