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Dilution Solution for Airbrushing

Dilution Solution for Airbrushing

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Turn your Artisan Accents  Color Gel into airbrush colors with Dilution Solution! Shake Gel Colors and Dilution Solution very well before mixing. In a container with a lid or small dropper bottle, combine according to the proportions below for effect desired - shake very well. For more opaque color, add a little Snow White Gel Color to your mix.

  1. Concentrated Color: 1 part Artisan Accents  Color Gel  + 3 parts Dilution Solution
  2. Less Concentrated Color: 1 part Artisan Accents  Color Gel  + 5 parts Dilution Solution
  3. Translucent Concentrated Color: 1 part Artisan Accents  Color Gel  + 4 parts Dilution Solution

Use less Dilution Solution to create paint for hand-painting on set royal icing, fondant, gumpaste, and wafer paper too!

Use the proportions in the Artisan Accents Color Formulation Guide (included with each purchase) to create a stunning array of colors.

2 sizes: 8oz (for those who airbrush or hand paint a lot!) and 2oz dropper tip bottles. Dilution Solution is flavorless, FDA approved, vegan-friendly, and certified kosher.

Dilution Solution Ingredients: Water,  Propylene Glycol, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid



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